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Leveraging our decades of combined experience in technology and building robust IT solutions for our customers, we have established practices and technology teams in the following areas:

Java/J2ee Microsoft.Net Databases ERP Embedded Systems Network Management Network Security & Protocols

J2EE: ASTRON provides reliable and scalable component based solutions using J2EE technologies like EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), JSP and other open technologies including XML.

Through rich industry experience, our J2EE team has built an impressive knowledgebase. We help customers maximize the benefits of J2EE while minimizing the cost of application development and implementation.

J2EE is a set of standards for middleware (EJB and JMS), database connectivity (JDBC), transactions (JTA/JTS), presentation (servlets and Java Server Pages) and directory services (JNDI).

J2EE enables robust and flexible solutions that may be deployed across a wide range of existing enterprise systems. It positions our clients for potential future growth by allowing them to start from relatively inexpensive software and hardware and expand to distributed enterprise applications and servers, as their business expands, requiring higher processing capacity.

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